WAKi Multi Functional Butterfly Massager

The benefits after using WAKi Multi Functional Butterfly Massager:


  • Aerobic vibration massage effectively eliminate unwanted fat on abdomen, waist, hips and other excess fat elsewhere in the body, reduce women's stretch marks, pattern, skin barrel and other appearance in order to achieve the effect of body slimming beauty.

Enhance blood circulation and promotes metabolism

  • With age growing or broke down from constant overwork, detrimental stuffs like cholesterol, fat, calcium and others will deposit in the vein, cause the vessel inner diameter become small, the wall hardening, thus show insufficient oxygen poor blood, initiate dizziness, whole body lack of strength, more serious initiate high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, thrombus, thrombosis and other cardiovascular disease. High frequency vibration of this machine can spurs spiral thrust gravity, often usage will increase blood flow, wash away and spread the vein therefore decompose toxic substance, and excreted with circulation of blood.

Regulate the neural system

  • Improve conductive ability of nerve cells, regulate the neural system and mitigate neurasthenic. Appropriate vibration massage may adjust the balance of autonomic nerve and achieve improvement.

Better constitution and enhance immunity

  • Keep fit without burden and better constitution and enhance by immunity by enhancing local circulation of blood.

How to use WAKi Multi Functional Butterfly Massager effectively?

Squat style

Both feet stand on the shaping machine, show a squat-style state.

Mainly train the back muscles, arm muscle bulk and leg part.

Side leg style

Stay with one foot on the machine and another on ground, both hands put on waists, do side leg movement.

Mainly train the waist, abdominal muscles and thigh.

Forward leaning style

Both knees kneeling on the ground, hands put on the pedal, body being in the state of leaning style.

Mainly train the leg muscles, shoulder, arm and upper body muscles.

Front leaning style

Put both feet on the pedal of the machine, hands lean on the ground, body being in the state of prone and keep the balance.

Mainly train the shoulder, chest, arm and upper body muscles.

Side hip style

Put one hand on the pedal of the machine and squat beside the machine.

Mainly train the part of foot muscles, hands and shoulder.

Cross-legged style

Sitting on the shaping machine, staggered leg together.

Mainly train leg muscles, shoulder, waist muscles and abdomen.

Lunge style

Put one foot on the shaping machine and another on the ground, do lunge style movement.

Mainly train the waist, abdominal muscles and leg.

Sitting style

Sitting on the shaping machine with legs bent.

Mainly train the leg muscles and hip.

Push ups style

Lie your body on the pedal of the machine, contracture of foot by using energy from the leg to cause leg lie against on instrument shelves. Put hands on the ground.

Mainly train the thigh, chest, hip and whole body muscles.

Curved leg style

Put both feet flat on the pedal of machine, body was in lying state and hands put flat on ground.

Mainly train the shoulder, arm, thighs and hip muscles.

Suitable for:

  • Women who want to be healthy, slim and beautiful.

  • Teenagers who want to strengthen muscles and increase stamina.

  • Elderly who rarely exercise.

  • Couple who want higher stamina and energy.

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