WAKi Foot Massage Master

"Relaxing your feet with foot massage master!"

WAKi Foot Massage Master is the unique-designed foot-massage equipment that created for people want to enjoy 360 degree of foot massaging and foot relaxation. WAKi applies the F.I.L.O concept in designing this product.

The F.I.L.O concept is the health concept that created by WAKi for the new generation foot-massage equipment. With F.I.L.O concept, you can enjoy the “Master-class” of foot massaging at home daily. When you apply this product, your feet are fully covered by the product (360-degree-covered) for massaging; the infrared function will keep your feet warm; the low-frequency acupuncture therapy will improve blood circulation and cell metabolism; Ozone Sterilization function will keep your feet odor-free and prevent bacteria propagation on your feet.

So, how could By using WAKi Foot Massage Master daily, your feet will become healthy and you will live healthier. WAKi Foot Massage Master is absolutely suitable for your family.

The F.I.L.O. Concept of the WAKi Foot Massage Master

Fully Covered design

The whole feet are fully covered in the WAKi Foot Massage Master. You can enjoy massage from all positions, including sole, arch, instep, heel and tiptoe.

Infrared Function

Infrared function helps to improve blood circulation and maintain our body temperature and keep our feet warm.

Low-frequency Acupuncture Therapy

Low-frequency acupuncture therapy helps to reduce blood stickiness, accelerate blood sugar decomposition, and regulate function of system endocrine.

Ozone Sterilization

With ozone sterilization function, it helps to remove odor and prevent bacteria propagation on your feet.

WAKi Foot Massage Master Low-frequency Acupuncture Therapy

WAKi Low-frequency Acupuncture Therapy is a new innovative health and fitness aid on developments in physics, bionics and electro-biology. It also comes with automatic functions, which are for waist and leg, leg and foot.

There are 4 stages: weak (green light), medium (yellow light), strong (red light), OFF (no light).

Low-frequency acu-therapy pad usage

The effects are good for all organs micro vascular blood circulation, replacement for exercise, dredge themeridian, muscle pain reduction, joint pain relief, improve autonomic nervous disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, burn fat, for leg beauty, skin beauty and others.

Suitable for : People who are "Chi-less", athletes, the elderly couples, fatigue people, workers who need to stand for long hours, people with disabilities, people who are lack of exercise and others.

Low-frequency acu-therapy footrest usage

To promote calf blood circulation, to improve the calf ache, rheumatism, calf pain, arthritis.

Suitable for : People who work in air-conditioning room, people who drives car for long hour, women who wear high heel, people who has leg cramp always, people who foot numbness, people who are insomnia.

The Benefits of using Low-Frequency Acupuncture Therapy function

  • Dilation of blood vessels.

  • Promote blood circulation.

  • Reduce fatigue.

  • Increase metabolism.

WAKi Foot Massage Master suitable for who is?

** Recommendation: 2 or 3 times per day. 15 minutes each time.

**Drink 1 glass of plain water, before and after using WAKi Foot Massage Master because water can fasten the removing process of toxins in our body.

Foot Reflexology Points

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