WKM1327 - WAKi Super Massage Master

"Stylish elegant feel with high quality technology."

Today, human’s lifestyle has to be confronted with a great transformation due to the era of emphasizing technology and speed in this century. In order to pursue a more affluence living condition, most of the people couldn’t live without job, however, job has brought to people a lot of pressure in life. In order to get better result in school, children have to stress on their homework; finally, it causes them to bear a burden in their body, mind and soul.In order to look after family and career, modern women could not draw extra time to relax their body and take rest.

In order to move with times and keep updating, people stay seamlessly with mobile phone, pad computer, notebook computer and desktop computer in their daily life, however, these devices could deplete our energy and stamina easily, and make people feel fatigue and body aches quickly.

So, how could we live happily, stress free and healthy in this busy and bustling life? With holding the motto of WAKi, “Towards a Better Life”, we have developed an all-new massager chair, giving you a new experience, new feel and new life in the new era of living. WAKi all-new massager chair’s effectiveness has reached the quality of massage feels by Massage Master’s hand, it brings to you and your family a relax, stress free and healthy life. Therefore, we named this meticulous design and invention as “WAKi Super Massage Master”.

The Benefits of using WAKi Super Massage Master

Who does WAKi Super Massage Master suitable for?

Golf Lovers

Golf lovers always feel muscle pain, and waist ache when they usedexcessive force. During playing golf, they walked too much on golf field, they will feel muscles strain and fatigue.

By using WAKi Super Massage Master automatic program “Ache Mode”, it helps to reduce your muscles ache and recover your stamina in 30 minutes. You will perform better after using this program.


To a CEO/BOSS who need to attend to numerous affairs of state every day, quality rest time is considered as luxury consumption. As the saying goes: “Rest well in order to walk a longer journey”, to a CEO/BOSS, good quality of rest is very precious.

By using WAKi Super Massage Master automatic program “Fatigue Mode”, it helps to eliminate fatigue and stress from work daily, and to rest your body, mind and soul at a same time. This program helps to recharge your energy, feel fresher and double up your work productivity. Just 15 minutes using WAKi Super Massage Master daily, it definitely is one of the good choices of relaxing and releasing your pressure.

“Gui Fu Ren” (Noble Lady)

Everyone said: “Behind of every successful man, there must be a woman”; in today society, woman’s identity and status are vital. In order to look after husband and family, therefore, “Gui Fu Ren” (Noble Lady) must know how to relax, keep young, energetic and beautiful always.

By using WAKi Super Massage Master automatic program “Relax Mode”,it helps to improve blood circulation, increase cell metabolism, and to keep your skin silky and smooth. By applying 15 minutes relaxing massage, WAKi Super Massage Master, make your stamina double up; feel young and more harmonious in relationship.

Career Women

The high demand in today’s human resource market and the desire in pursuing high quality lifestyle, therefore the number of career women has rapidly increased. In general, career women who need to look after career and family, they have insufficient rest time, and sleeping quality is affected too. Many career women are facing insomnia problem, and insomnia has caused them other healthy problems.

By using WAKi Super Massage Master automatic program “Extend Mode”, it helps to stretch your tendons and relax your muscles, reduce mental stress, and open up the meridians. By using “Extend Mode” program for 15 minutes daily, it helps to resolve your insomnia problem. After using it, women will live energetic, and happiness in career and family.

Senior Citizens

Following by the aging problem of the worldpopulation,the number of senior citizenswill grow rapidly. Facing the expensive medical fees, senior citizens need to be cautious in their health. They can live happily if they can practice the philosophy of “prevent better than cure”.

Senior citizens can choose the massage methods that suitable for them, such as Kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu and tapping. Meanwhile, they can adjust the “massage width” and “massage intensity”. This flexible massage method is suitable for senior citizens. Apply WAKi Super Massage Master for long term, it helps to improve their health, open up their meridians, improve “chi” and blood circulation, and stay happily.

Teenagers / High School Students

Today’s children, facing the serious competition in the society, the pressure from the school and the demand from the family, children’s mind may be hurt inevitably. In fact, age between 12 to 18 years old are the peak developmental period for teenagers to grow, if they are facing too much pressure, it will hinder the children’s growth and it will cause the children’s mental attitude to rebel. Therefore, the teenagers are as the adults, they need to release stress and relax their mind.

By using WAKi Super Massage Master automatic program “Extend Mode”, it has stretching function and leg stretch adjustment function that can help to children to grow taller.Massage at least 15 minutes daily, it helps to release teenagers’ pressure, feel fresher and be successful in studies.

14 Features of WAKi Super Massage Master

WAKi Super Massage Master using four wheels intelligent robotic + air pressure massage mode. WAKi Super Massage Master well-equipped with kneading, tapping, knocking, Tui-Na massage, Shiatsu massage and others massage methods, and four automatic program which are Relax, Extend, Ache, and fatigue. Besides, you can adjust manual mode yourself as you desired.

1. Trendy design

2. "Zero Gravity " massage mode

Zero gravity weightlessness means out of the gravity. Usually in the outer space is a zero-gravity environment. WAKi Super Massage Master comes with a special massage mode “Zero Gravity”. Press “Zero Gravity” button can enjoy “zero gravity’ massages. The benefit of “Zero Gravity” massage allows you to fully relax due to the body weight is totally not bear by the body bone. You can enjoy more with ‘Zero Gravity’ and achieve a multiple effect.

There are four angle positions under this mode:

3. 360-degree all-inclusive air pressure massage and reflexology roller foot massage

With 360-degree all-inclusive pressure massage and reflexology roller foot massage, allows you to enjoy the full range of foot massage feeling, which include the heel, toe, foot, feet andsoles of the feet. It helps to effectively stimulate all the foot reflex zones, blood circulation and promote cell metabolism.

Suitable for: ladies who always wear high heels for long hours, workers who need to stand or walk for long hours, people who have insomnia.

4. 4 types of automatic mode programs (Relax, Extend, Ache, Fatigue)

5. With 50 pieces air bags pressure function,self-adjusting air pressure

6. Variety of massage techniques to select (kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu and flap)

7. Accurate positioning adjustment (detect shoulder height position automatically after switch on the machine)

8. With angle position adjustment function

9. Calf stretching adjustment function

10. Self-adjusting massage width

11. Self-adjusting massage intensity

12. Optional for partly massage or full body massage

13. With warmer function

14. Install with audio connector, can play song form mobile phone or MP3

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