WAKi Fit Massage

"Shake your way to the perfect shape!"

Tired of getting back through the tough way of dieting and exercise?

You may lose a few pounds after couples of month’s effort, but is this you really want? That’s why we introduced the WAKI Fit Massage. It’s will help you tone up and slim down so you can look forward to a more toned, slimmer and healthier figure.

Losing body fats around your body completely, spur circulation of blood and improve metabolism, regulate the neural system, stimulate intestine, better constitution and enhance immunity.

Dieting lowers the base metabolic rate which means you can live on less food, so when you return to your normal food intake which was already too high, you put on weight even faster than before and will probably end up heavier than before the diet.

Exercise at Gym
Get tired as soon as you hit the gym? Or is your gym membership stretching your purse strings? Perhaps you don’t have the time for exercise or maybe you just too lazy to go to gym.

Ache and fatigue
In this modern society, due to various work and social obligation, it is commonly report having headache, back pain and morning fatigue. Prolonged exposure to these ailments will put unnecessary pressure on your nervous system and affect your overall health.

Circulation blood and metabolism
With age growing or rarely exercise, detrimental stuffs like cholesterol, fat and calcium will deposit in the vein and tighten the interior diameter and stiffen the vein which often ensure high blood pressure and anoxemia even coronary heart disease.


The WAKi Fit Massage

Whether your looking to tone up, slim down, combat cellulite or to simply to improve yourfitness & well-being. The WAKI Fit Massage is the fast & effective way to help achieve your goals - with the minimum of effort!

Only 10 minutes per day for a 1hr Full Strength workout!

  • Stimulate and strengthen body muscle.
  • Integrate the Chi theory and blood flow balancer & blood circulator.
  • Help elasticity of skin and muscle and prevent unsmooth skin.
  • Comes with fat-scan function.

The Functions of WAKi Fit Massage

This device is specially designed for family health by integrating the Chinese and foreign medical theories. Whole body vibration has been researched for more than forty years and has been proven to have the following benefits:

Consume the unwanted fat on hip, on waist and on abdomen and reduce women’s strive of pregnancy by vibration and massage. Therefore, polish the skin and reshape the body.

Spur circulation of blood and improve metabolism
Frequent vibration by this machine spurs circulation of blood therefore spread the vein and dissolve the detrimental stuffs with metabolism and finally evacuate them.

Regulate the neural system
Improve conductive ability of nerve cells,
regulate the neural system and mitigate neurasthenic. Proper vibration and massage may adjust the balance of autonomic nerve and achieve improvement.

Refresh you by stimulation intestine and cure constitution and enhance by immunity by enhancing local circulation of blood.

Better Constitution and enhance immunity
Keep fit without burden and better constitution and enhance by immunity by enhancing local circulation of blood.

"It's amazing that whole body vibration can do all this!"

Suitable for person who . . .

Desire for perfect body shape
Consume fat, shape up muscle of thigh, calves, hip, waist, shoulder, chest and belly.

Older Generation
To prevent osteoporosis, enhance the bone density, ease the chronic pain of body joints.

Office Worker
To have healthy regular exercise, prevent fragility from long lacking exercise,
& prevent unsmooth skin.

Convenient to use at :

  • Small in size.
  • Solid structure and fashionable colors.
  • Human concerned design, safe and dependable.
  • Stable running with 120kg due to direct current dynamo.
  • Over-curent protection, anti interfering and anti static.

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