REXIO 9000 Therapy Device is the latest multi-functional device invented from research and development of developed countries. REXIO 9000 Therapy Device can produce energy electric and ion negative to re-activete cell membrane for smooth transport of cell, increase metabolism, repair weak cells, promote blood circulation and strengthens body's immune system.


The Benefits of REXIO 9000 Therapy Device

1) Revives cells and rejuvenate cells of the whole body

  • Strenghthens the cellular membranes' electric potential, resuscitates the cells' (-90mV) and helps orderly cellular movement, revives internal membranes, helps with the faster flow of the electrodes, faster synthesis of ATP, and orderly movement of the electrodes outside the membranes, enable the cells of the whole body massage effectively.

2) Increase metabolism, purifies bodily fluids, improves a person's internal environment

  • Strengthens the functions of the vital organs, improves the cleansing of the toxins inside the body, regulates a person's bodily fluid to weak alkalinity level (PH = 7.36 - 7.44), removes the breeding grounds for diseases, increases immunity and natural healing power.

3) Removes free radicals

  • A person's body has free radicals that can destroy the cells and disrupts the normal functions of the organs, thus damaging the cells and causing ailments. It increases the rate of aging. Under the static electric potential field function, the person's cells are revives. Maintain the bodily fluids in weak alkalinity level, effective in cleansing of free radicals, strengthens immunity, delays aging, improves physical beauty.

4) Promote blood circulation and body's micro-circulation

  • High voltage negative potential static electric field increases the blood cells electric potential, its exercise volume also increase, negative ions can reduce the density of platelet, lowers blood viscosity, strengthens heart muscles contraction power, micro vibration with frequency of 50-60 times per second would helps compositions stick to the blood vessel walls decompose (e.g., omega 3, cholesterol), enlarges blood vessels and the capillary, opens pores, smoothen blood vessels' walls, revives the elasticity of the blood vessels.

5) Strengthens body's immunity

  • Under the static electric potential filed, it increases a person's body bioelectricity charges, increase blood's gamma properties, revives the cells immunity, makes the body less prone to diseases and stronger against germs and viruses, and improves the strength to fight against diseases.

The Operating Process of REXIO 9000 Therapy Device

Our body has active bio-electric in our inner body. When we use REXIO 9000 Therapy Device, our whole body will absorb electricity energy from this equipment. Besides, our body will be surrounded by electricity's platform and reflected to our surroundings.

Energy electric is useful to reactivete membrane cells more than 200 types of cells in our body. Ion negative helps arrange and repair weak cells.

Method of REXIO 9000 Therapy Device

How To Improve Metabolisme & Blood Circulation?

Before using REXIO 9000 Therapy Device, vitamins, minerals, and energy (Chi) in our blood are moving slowly. After using REXIO 9000 Therapy Device, vitamins, minerals and energy (Chi) in our blood are moving smoother.

How To Improve Human Body Condition Quality?

Before using REXIO 9000 Therapy Device, the blood cells were stack together and our body become acidic condition. After using REXIO 9000 Therapy Device, blood cells were separated and smaller and our body become low alkaline condition.

Who is Suitable Use REXIO 9000 Therapy Device?

  • Whole family who want to live healthy and better, stay away from diseases.
  • Children and school age student need to have high concentration in study and reduce fatigue.
  • Elderly who want to live longer life, active and repair weak cell and stay away from disease.
  • People who stay in city, full of air pollution, lacking fresh air, and stressfull environment and work.
  • People who work in office air-conditioned room, lacking fresh air and lack of movement.
  • People who lack of time to exercise regularly and rountinely.
  • People who seldom go to mountain area.
  • And also helps people who have health problems, e.g: Diabetic, stroke, arthritis, heart disese, migraine, osteoporosis, muscles stiff and joint pain, kidney disease, cataract, asthma, cholesterol, rheumatic, irregular menstrual, skin sensitive, and others.

Ion Negative and The Benefits

Ion Negative is Very Useful for Our Body, It Helps To :

  • Revive and recover body cell
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Remove toxins/poison our body
  • Remove free radicals (antioxidant)
  • Improve and promote blood circulation
  • Strengthen body's immunity
  • Retain the energy and harmony for married couple

Adnantages and Benefits of Using REXIO 9000 Therapy

How to Use REXIO 9000 Therapy Device

Speciality of apparatus

Easy Usage : Sitting or lying on the energizing sheet for 20 to 60 minutes, you could undergo the holistic healing process. While lying or sitting, you won't feel any discomfort. You can even do another activity.

Guaranteed Safe : It has warning functions to prevent the leakage of electricity from the device. It has good insulation, which prevents the leakage of electricity and electrocution.

Device of apparatus

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